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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I am currently on the market for new real estate, I have owned two homes in the past but this time around I think I would like to build. I read an article about passive homes and found a link to you on the PHIUS Certified Builders page. I am not in Birmingham, but not too far away, in Anniston, AL about an hour east of you. If I decide to build I want to take advantage of energy saving construction techniques that are available. What services do you offer, consulting, contracting, etc…? I have been looking at plans and I have a rather unique taste for something more modern that doesn’t really exist in our area with current construction. I am looking to start moving forward in June.



    • Hi, Sam,

      I’m sorry for my slow reply- somehow your comment got lost in spam! I’m happy to talk with you about what you’re interested in doing. I will send you an e-mail today. Thanks!

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